MoSGA member Societies and Institutions

We appreciate the following societies and institutions who hold current membership in Missouri State Genealogical Association.
Allen Co Public Library (AQ-PER)
Broadmoor Branch Library
California Genealogical Society & Library
Champaign County Gen. Soc.
Cincinnati Public Library Acquisitions
Clayton Library
Dallas Public Library
Family Search Intl
Finney Co Genealogical Society
Fort Worth Public Library
Genealogical Soc. of Boone Co & Central MO
Georgina Cole Library, CA
Germantown Regional History & Gen Ctr, TN
Johnson County Library
Kansas City Public Library
Kathryn Linneman Branch
Kimmswick Hist Soc
Lawton Public Library
Los Angeles Public Library
Louisville Genealogical Soc.
Midwest Genealogy Center
Missouri History Museum
Missouri State Archives
Montgomery County Library
New England Historic Genealogical Society
New Mexico Genealogical Society
New York Public Library
Newberry Library
Northwest MO Genealogical Society
Ozarks Genealogical Society
Pikes Peak Library Dist
San Antonio Gen/His. Soc.
San Antonio Public Library
Seattle Public Library
Selby Library
St. Louis Co Library, History & Genealogy Dept
St. Louis Pub Library
State Historical Society of MO
Tazewell Co. Gen/Hist. Society
Texas Co. Gen. & Hist. Society
The DAR Library
The Library Center
Valparaiso Public Library
W Dale Clark Libr/OMAHA PUB. LIB
Wisconsin Historical Society