4-Generation Charts

Between 1979 and 2009, MoSGA members
submitted Four-Generation charts . These were published in 10 volumes. There are over 26,600 names in these charts.
Current members are entitled to access the charts at no extra charge, if delivered electronically.  If mailed, $2 will be added to the order.
Non-members may purchase copies of the charts at $3 each, delivered electronically, with $2 added for postal mailing.
How to search for a chart:   Click here for Index
  • Type in a SURNAME, [plus GIVEN name if desired]
  • Results will show Volume Number and Page number where that chart is found.  
  • If you want to know what other names appear on that chart, clear the search form and type in the Volume Number and page number in the search form.  
  • This will show all the names on that page.  This will enable you to determine if this chart is pertinent to your research.
How to order charts:
  •   To order online, click here to take you to the online form. Current members can access the charts free of charge.
  •   To order by mail, click here to retrieve the printable order form.
Privacy issues:
  •       All submitters of the 4-Generation charts were required to sign a permission form agreeing that MoSGA could publish the charts.
  •       To protect the privacy of those still living, all birth years have been removed for anyone born after 1910, and who were not reported as deceased when the form was submitted. Keep in mind some of these forms were submitted 30 years ago.  Contact information for the submitter is very likely out of date.