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First Families Application Fee
First Families applications are $20 each.  If mailing a paper copy of the application, please send to:  
Doug Fugate, 1st Families Chair
130 Birchtree Circle
Saint Robert, MO 65584
Do NOT mail the application to MoSGA's PO Box.
If you pay by check, please indicate on the check your ancestor's name.
Make check payable to MoSGA.
If you pay online, please send an email to the chairman informing him you submitted your payment electronically and for what ancestor. 
Price: $20.00
Shipping / Handling: $0.00

1st Families Replacement Certificate
For pre-approved applicants: If you have misplaced your certificate you may order a new one for $10.
Price: $10.00

Copy of previously approved certificate
If you would like a copy of a previously approved and finalized application, as seen on the list of approved certificates, the cost is $5.00 to receive it electronically. After submitting the payment form, please send an email to to indicate the following: 
Full Name of ancestor and category of certificate. (Territorial, Pioneer, Civil War or War of 1812)
Please note:  The cost of submitting your own NEW application for approval is $20.
Price: $5.00